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#trilliondollarfunds. The Canadian Mutual Fund Industry is worth more than $1 Trillion. What’s your share? Get a Free Portfolio Reviiew
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Latest Mutual Fund Articles

Mutual Fund Rating

Search the Internet and you will find many Mutual Fund Rating Systems. Mutual Fund Ratings have played a huge role in influencing investors in buying and selling mutual funds. Most people do not have the sense or ability to monitor funds let alone trade them at opportune times. Both advisors and consumers should pay more attention to mutual fund ratings and mutual fund ranking. If nothing else it is a focal point to open discussions about what has already happened and what could possibly happen. Although you may make money trading top performing mutual funds knowing as much as possible about their markets can be very helpful, knowing what to do with this information is the next critical step. Advisors and clients both have a vested interest in seeing growth opportunities, the old set it and forget it advisor/client relationship is over and both customers and investment advisors will have to hold each other to higher expected standards where the onus is on awareness and communication.

Mutual Fund Ratings have been around since the beginning of comparing any one security with another and have continued to entire family of funds over 10 verified asset classes. The  Canadian Mutual Fund Industry really got popular in the 80's and growth was enormous and exponential was the starting popularity of managed investment funds. The Mutual Fund Industry in Canada has been around relatively since the early 60’s the idea of investing in a group appealed to people even earlier than that, but lets say the real commercial mutual fund business may have started in early 1960's that is  really worth tracking  at second infancy state with original Mutual Fund Companies like The origins of mutual funds date on record as far back as the early 1700's with the Dutch as creators of the first fund with a prospectus and a disclaimer. The mutual fund industry went from 25 billion in 1980 to an all time high amount of 705 billion in 2008.and back to just under 700 billion by 2011.  Canada’s richest business and fastest growing sector in Canada's capital markets and  leading in all Financial Services groups in Canada including Exchange-Taded Funds. The shear volume of Canadians hard earned money in this investment vehicle is well worth looking at Mutual Funds more closely. Many Canadians have a vested interest in Canada’s capital markets especially 50 thousand mutual fund account holders. Mutual Fund Ratings are available on many websites and in prospectuses they try to compare fairly similar type or categorical funds with other similar funds in order to be fair. There are exactly 53 independent mutual fund categories. and 10 mutual fund asset classes that are ever -present to rate, rank, screen and track. We recommend reading a prospectus carefully and always investing with advice with the advisor channel rather than mutual fund company direct; or  big bank type service, do it yourself planning is often not worth the perceived bargain some direct fund companies elude to. Index Fund and Sector Fund Investing is just one more popular way of investing in mutual funds as part of an overall financial plan and strategy. Analyzing Canadian mutual funds can be a harrowing experience at any time because the market is so large and  a healthy and diverse specified their are Best mutual fund statistics Mutual Funds Statistics - Mutual Fund Rating - Mutual Fund Ranking - Mutual Fund Screening  see all the Top 10 funds in each of the 10 Asset Classes and or the 53 Mutual Fund Categories available at a glance and cut to the chase with Mutual Fund Rating access.


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